Reflection on the Last Eight Weeks

To start, I really want to express how awesome Moses is for not only the amazing video presented at the farewell reception, but also for letting me to take his tour for the visually impaired high schoolers. This tour ended up being my last tour and was also the most anticipated, challenging, and fulfilling. Hands down one of the best experiences I have ever had in a museum with a group of individuals.

All tour photos were also taken by Moses, so feast your eyes on the amazing photography to follow!
For my first stop, we were in the Ando Gallery, and we discussed atmosphere, sound, smell, and touch. All the students explored what other spaces the Ando Gallery reminded them of, such as a forest or a movie theater with surround sound. We compared the smooth, vertical wooden pillars to the wood on the long, slung, and slightly rougher benches, contemplating Ando’s choice of materials and textures as a way to draw attention to their similarities and differences.

For our next stop, we went to the Trompe L’Oeil, where they experienced the tactile drawing of the piece and the satin material of the curtain.
The Touch Gallery was also a big hit with the students, exploring the variety of materials, the Braille labels, and the connection between facial expressions and narratives.
We took our tour outside to explore the Scott Burton piece outside of the student group entrance, to discuss placement, environment, and materials.

I could write a long blog post entry about what this internship has meant to me as an educator and individual, but I’m pretty sure I lack the sufficient vocabulary and grammar to capture all the emotions I feel currently. So instead, I’m gonna exploit the 1000 word-worth of pictures.

So imagine you’re about to embark on a quest, a long and far journey away from home…

You can go by train…

By art packing truck…

Or by kayak!

You’ll meet people, some you’ve met, others you haven’t yet…

Maybe you’ll see amazing natural wonders..

And maybe you’ll meet a wise man who tells you to go places

Like above the clouds

And find yourself in a strange world

Encounter danger

Discover pleasant surprises

Eventually, you’ll be on your way home..

But you’ll be thinking about the strange things you encountered on your journey

And most importantly, never forget the amazing people who helped you because the journey is always so much more important than your destination..

And perhaps there will be a big party when you return

Thank you all for so much for everything and more. To a bright, artful, and beautiful future!

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B.A. in Art History from Vassar College (2012) with correlates in Education and Economics. Favorite artists featured in the museum: Salvador Dali, Vasily Kandinsky, Isamu Noguchi.

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