I’m working on a great blog post. This is not it.

It has come to my attention that some of my colleagues are relying heavily on pictures that they took for their blog posts. I decided that I’m just as artsy and that you should all understand that.

So here are some pictures I took of Chicago.

Analysis: By making this extremely blue it looks like electricity, or an explosion. By taking a picture with a sign that has the word Chicago in it, you know that this picture was probably taken in Chicago, so it’s poignant.

Analysis: The vignette and blurred edges evoke a sense of nostalgia for the art deco period that influenced the construction of many Chicago buildings. By heightening the brightness and contrast, it makes it more difficult to see my finger, which is in the bottom, but you can still tell it’s there. The finger is a reference to the human presence in the structure.

Analysis: I totally took this picture, in the tradition of Lichtenstein. Adding a watermark and url reminds us of the corporate reality of images in a digital era. Turning it upside down highlights to absurdity of this new era of commodification. And it looks cool in blue, I like blue.

Analysis: A simultaneously ironic and non-ironic statement about American pride, especially in light of the olympics. The vignette effect is always classy.

Analysis: This is not actually an artistic shot, but Hannah and I happened to meet Derrick Rose at Panera.

Analysis: I thought the best way to really understand Chicago was an extreme aerial view; to really understand its place in the world and how integral it is to America. The red dot symbolizes Chicago. The word Chicago reminds us of that. The fact that Canada and Mexico have their names written on them reminds us that they are not America. America is portrayed as yellow because it is essentially a nation of corn. It is highlighted in a red box to underline both it’s importance on the world stage as well as the danger it is in, constrained by China.

I just wanted to show these to you to help give you the impression of Chicago that I am getting. A beautiful, blue-tinted city.

P.S. I love this internship.


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