It’s All a Blur

The summer has been flying by here in Chicago! Between researching artworks, leading tours, attending seminars given by different departments of the Institute, and having a life in general, the weeks seem to blend into one another. When was my first Studio Tour? When was my first tour? Ahhhhh! Thankfully, I have had the sense to keep a calender to keep everything straight.

What is going on?

Time management has been key thus far, as we Interns have three separate calenders to manage and balance. We have a calender for each type of tour we lead (student, family, and adult), all of which seem to be updated and revised almost daily! On top of our three calenders, we receive the tour calender from the Road Scholar program weekly. (The Road Scholar program is an educational course series for adults who wish to continue learning throughout their lives.) I find myself constantly checking my calender… it’s a good thing.

I am happy to report my first week of tours went well! All of the tours I helped lead were for students, none of whom were above eighth grade. The kids seemed to be enthusiastic, which certainly made giving the tours easier for me. That said, some students seemed overwhelmed by the Museum, probably from a mix of the size and scale of the place, as well as the vastly different culture that is associated with museum-going.

Album of the week: “Made in the Dark” by Hot Chip


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